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Re: Request for sponsor for Runescape

Em dom, 2017-07-23 às 10:13 +0200, Johannes Schauer escreveu:
> the debdiff between versions 0.1-4 and 0.2-1 is 41318 lines long - what
> happened?

We have one more developer where we are implementing improvements to continue
our project for this new version, so we have this amount of lines.

> According to debian/copyright, the upstream authors changed. Is this a
> different software package?

We opted to use the GPL-2 license instead of BSD-2-clauses, for the reason that
in the part of the source code of the new developer uses this license.

> The Homepage field in debian/control should not point to
> https://www.runescape.com/ because you are not packaging anything from there.
> Instead it should point to the website of the software you *are* packaging. As
> far as I can see, that's the github page.

This is one of the mistakes made in the first version of the package I'm making.
Corrected homepage in debian/control. Thanks!

Please the sponsor can see my package, I will be very grateful.




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