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Re: Request for sponsor for Stendhall Installer

On Sun, 23 Jul 2017 at 11:14:16 +0100, Phil Morrell wrote:
> As this is an initial release, have you considered using
> game-data-packager (if default-jre can be considered a game engine)?

game-data-packager does not place any limitations on what can be
considered a game engine. In addition to the games it was originally
designed for (Free engines with non-Free data, like Doom, Quake and
ScummVM games) it already supports a few binary-only games that ship
their own executables in the game-data-packager-generated packages
(Unreal, Unreal Tournament (1999), Quake 4 and Enemy Territory: Quake
Wars). There is a data-driven launcher in the game-data-packager-runtime
package which can be used to start such games - Unreal probably makes
the best example at the moment.

(However, because g-d-p is careful to match installed files against
known-good hashes, it is less suitable for games that are updated
frequently. I don't know how often the user-facing executables for
Stendhall, Runescape and Minecraft are updated.)


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