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Re: Trigger Rally updated in Debian?

Hi Marc,

can you please start by this thread?
thanks :)

(I don't want to have both us work on the same stuff, and I have no time right now for it,
so help is welcome :) )


Il Lunedì 22 Agosto 2016 12:39, Onsemeliot <onsemeliot@gmail.com> ha scritto:
Hi Gianfranco,

am I right that your issues with the way the new Trigger Rally version
0.6.4 is implemented was clarified in our discussion list?:

Is there still anything I can do to help?

If there is a way I can handle this I would even try to finish a new
game release before the actual game is included into the next version of
Debain since I managed to add some nice new levels in the mean time.
(This wouldn't mean any change in the code since it only adds new levels
and some new vegetation sprites.)


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