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Re: Can't upload to git or svn

Hi Bertrand,

On 21.08.2016 12:44, Bertrand Marc wrote:
> Dear Games team,
> Since I got promoted to DD, it seems I can't commit anything for the
> team to git or SVN with my new account (bmarc).

First of all, congrats for being promoted to DD.

> On Alioth it seems I am a member of the team [1]. And of course, I can
> login with to svn.debian.org and git.debian.org. But on these I am not a
> member of the pkg-games group nor the scm_pkg-games group. And therefore
> I can't push anything for the team.
> Do you know what I missed ? Thanks !

I guess your issue is covered by [1]. You need to ask an admin to add
your account to the Games Team and to remove the old one. After that you
should be able to commit again. I've put Evgeni in CC who may be able to
help you.




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