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Re: freecell-solver in Debian needs updating to version 4.2.0 and its homepage link updated

Am 25.04.2016 um 17:31 schrieb Shlomi Fish:
>> freecell-solver is not maintained by the Games Team but by Gergely
>> Risko. 
> Can a different packager or apprentice upload updates instead of him?

Debian developers can upload any packages but you would need to find a
sponsor first. In this specific case that would be an NMU
(Non-Maintainer upload).

You should follow the guidelines which are outlined in this document.


Just make it clear that you intent to NMU the package by sending another
e-mail to one of the bug reports. Then prepare the update and ask for
sponsorship on debian-mentors. See


for further information.

>> You have done the right thing already by filing bug reports, now
>> you should give the maintainer a bit more time to respond. If he doesn't
>> reply in the next months, 
> The original bug was filed over 4 months ago and a newer release of Freecell
> Solver, than the one available in Debian, was available since 27 September 2015
> (about 7 months ago)
> - see http://fc-solve.shlomifish.org/docs/distro/NEWS.html . How long should I
> still wait? Does anyone know when is the last time that Gergely Risko was
> active? How do I tell that based on
> https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=risko@debian.org ?

It is often hard to tell whether someone is still active or already MIA.
His QA page indicates that he was last active in 2014. He has been
maintaining freecel-solver from 2001-2014, so I would give a little
credit to him though.

>> you could also prepare a non-maintainer upload
>> yourself and ask on the debian-mentors mailing list for sponsorship.
> That sounds like a good idea. When does the Debian etiquette require me to wait
> before I do this?

There is no fixed period. Just send your intent to NMU or a reminder to
the bug report, then wait another week. Prepare the package, ask for
sponsorship and then I would upload with a delay of 10 days to give him
more time to respond but most people are rather happy if someone else
fixes bugs and if he is really MIA, he wouldn't mind either.



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