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Re: Bug#821260: RFS: python-adventure/1.4-1 [ITP]

Am 18.04.2016 um 02:15 schrieb Ben Finney:
>> I found the following things with check-all-the-things:
>> colossal-cave-adventure.desktop: found with desktop-file-validate
>> error: value "adventure;advent;colossal;cave;spelunk" for locale string
>> list key "Keywords" in group "Desktop Entry" does not have a semicolon
>> (';') as trailing character
> Thank you. I formed that field just by copying others. Is there a
> specification for that field that I've missed?

Sorry I've missed this paragraph. The fix is simple just add a semicolon
after spelunk. desktop-file-validate is a useful tool to ensure
compliance with the freedesktop specification. The written text can be
found at


Another suggestion: The recommended location for hicolor icons is
/usr/share/icons/hicolor. If you resize your icons to 256x256 you could
install them to /usr/share/icons/hicolor/256x256/apps and replace the
absolute icon path in your desktop file with the icon name.


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