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Duke Nukem 3D built with libpng16


I've been relying for years on unofficial repository
http://apt.duke4.net / http://wiki.eduke32.com/wiki/APT_repository
to provide me the non-free Duke Nukem 3D engine.

Now it seems this repository has been broken for a long time
and original author email address doesn't work anymore.

I was willing the rebuid this locally for libpng16,
but the original _source_ package is nowhere to be found.

Which is a bit sad because it obviously involved a lot of work:
- a very detailed 500-lines DEP-5 copyright file
- a man page
- a desktop file
- DFSG icons

So I salvaged what I could find in the last installed
binary package to rebuild a new source one.

The build is a plain "make", no configure step needed.


This build with libpng16 and could be cleaned up a bit further,
but would still always remain non-free software.

If anyone did have this source package,
I'd be happy to have a copy for reference.


Alexandre Detiste

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