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Re: nethack 3.6 released


> Dear debian gaming Sirs,
> I've tried to modify recently released nethack to suit the non-
> trivial packaking needs of debian. My attempt might be a starting
> point for someone more knowledgeable.
So I've had a go at packaging nethack 3.6.0 and things seem to work ok.
I've moved everything to a git repo which you can find here:

Some of the enhancement patches have been removed since they are too
big to port. In particular, the entire curses ui patch has been removed
(the default tty interface is of course still present).

I have ported the lisp patch in so far that it compiles and nethack-el
still seems to work (after 10 minutes playing with it), but it hasn't
been extensively tested.

Any testing / suggestions would be appreciated!


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