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Re: Love2d 0.10 released

On 24/12/15 18:45, Steven Hamilton wrote:
> > Rémi Verschelde writes: > >> 2015-12-22 23:32 GMT+01:00 Steven
Hamilton <oz@scorch.net>: >>> Options? >>> >>> 1) "version" love2d into
different packages love-0.9, love-0.10 etc and >>> mod any dependent
games to pull their correct version. >>> >>> 2) Patch mrrescue and any
other 0.9 games to 0.10 (I don't fancy that >>> and I doubt upstream
will either) >> >> I've been in contact a few times with upstream (Simon
Larsen), and >> he's quite friendly and open to contributions. If you
open an issue on >> the GitHub repo [1] asking for a love 0.10 port, or
propose a pull >> requests, I'm sure a new version with love 0.10
support will be >> release quickly. > > Good to know. I'll raise an
issue with him. > > Are the one looking at his other games? The love
packaging policy (url > out of my reach atm) was intended to make it
quicker to package love > games. It was based on mrrescue as a reference
package but my final > mrrescue finished up being slightly different so
that page is out of > date. I'll make an effort to update it over the
Simon has updated Mr Rescue to love 0.10. I'll repackage at some point.

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