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Re: [game-data-packager] Optional licenses

On 08/01/16 08:41, Alexandre Detiste wrote:
> But, this is only a reference needed to build the yaml definition;
> that shouldn't end-up as is in the yaml as-is.

It's fine for background information to end up in the YAML in comments
(in the case of checksums for files we don't think we want to install,
commented-out). The conversion from YAML to JSON (and separate files for
sha*sums, and our own ad-hoc format for file groups) discards comments,
so they won't consume space or time for end users.

If you have something useful to say, please do say it in comments - I'd
like to have the git repository be somewhat self-contained, rather than
needing to chase bug references to find out where something came from.


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