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Re: Bug#650601: transition: libpng 1.5

> After building 288 packages some intermediate result:
> 288 built
> 85 failed
> 200 built ok
> (3 currently rebuilding due some BD needed to be rebuilt themselves
> too)
> Short analysis of the build errors are on this titanpad:
> https://titanpad.com/libpng16-transistion
> I will continue update the pad with new results.
> To build the packages, I modified the libpng16 package from
> experimental to provides also libpng-dev and libpng12-dev.


There's one game from this list for which nobody should waste time on: freecraft.

The Stratagus + Wargus fork is now really active again;
indirectly thanks to it's own fork Wyrmsun that is
commercial sold GPL game which bugfixes gets now integrated
back in Stratagus.

Freecraft should instead be removed from the archive
and a transitional "freecraft" package would be provided by
yet-to-be packageed wargus.

I'm currently working on how to modify upstream to make "Warcraft II" (non-free, with G-D-P) 
& "Aleona's Tales" (DFSG-free) campaignq co-installable,
but I can already file an ITP today.

Well stratagus was previously in Debian & got removed, but things have changed since 2008:
- now freecraft is not active anymore; and this name is linked to MineCraft stuff
- stratagus is active again, long standing bugs got fixed
- boswars only provide a futuristic (I would say, ugly) campaign and no way to play medieval/fantasy quests
  title of #472278 is misleading "RM: stratagus -- RoQA; abandoned upstream; superseded by boswars"

Someone may want to file an ITP for Wyrmsun too
(game is already packaged there: http://www.playdeb.net/game/Wyrmgus),
but I find more convenient to update it with Steam for now,
because upstream is making very regular releases (sometimes daily) and Steam uses some
delta-copy protocol like rsync or bittorrent
& there's a bit of extra non-free nice artwork in the Steam release
& that's a way to indirectly thanks author for fixing old bug in Stratatagus.




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