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Re: #775512 steam: please provide steamcmd

control: retitle -1 ITP steamcmd - Command-line interface for Valve's Steam	
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* Package name    : openxcom
  Version         : 20130205  (that's just the timestamp of the file)
  Upstream Author : Valve
* URL             :  https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD
* License         : commercial
* Section          : non-free/games
  Programming Lang: C
  Maintainer      : Debian Games Team
  Description     : Command-line interface for Valve's Steam

This utility is needed to further automate game-data-packager;
to install games like "Quake" that are only sold as "Windows-only games"
and would otherwise require Wine + the windows version of Steam.

steamcmd must run from a _writable_ location,
so the launcher scripts copy the old version provided by Steam
into ~/.steam/steamcmd and launch it.

On first run, the software replaces itself by a current version.

- the binary in this archive is only run once by user
- on package removal, a lot of cruft remain in ~/.steam/steamcmd/



$ cat /usr/games/steamcmd 
if [ ! -e ~/.steam/steamcmd ]
        mkdir -p ~/.steam/steamcmd/linux32
        # steamcmd will replace these files with newer ones itself on first run
        cp /usr/lib/games/steam/steamcmd.sh ~/.steam/steamcmd/
        cp /usr/lib/games/steam/steamcmd    ~/.steam/steamcmd/linux32/
~/.steam/steamcmd/steamcmd.sh $@

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