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Re: ITP: puzzl a jigsaw puzzle game from Gnome 3.

On Sat, 18 Apr 2015 14:10:48 +0300 (EEST) ITPROJECTS wrote:

> Package: puzzl

Some comments about puzzl:


Your OpenPGP key doesn't appear to be on the keyserver network, you
might want to push it up after reading the best practices:


As you are upstream for the game you might want to read these:


Usually we put humans in Maintainer in debian/control and in
debian/changelog rather than other addresses.

I'd suggest adding --parallel to the arguments of dh in debian/rules.

You might want to use the machine-readable debian/copyright format:


Please use a full URL in the Vcs-Bzr field in debian/control.

The package is missing a debian/watch file:


data/manpage/puzzl.6.gz should be uncompressed in the source but
compressed at build time (at least on Debian).

The non-scalable icon directories should contain only bitmap (PNG)
images not vector images. If any bitmap images were created
automatically, the bitmap images should be rendered at build time.

The NEWS file is empty and there is no README file.

puzzl.vala hard-codes the path to the click.ogg file instead of using
the path that was passed to cmake.

How was click.ogg created?

You may want to add an upstream metadata file:


Automatic checks:


$ lintian --info --display-info --display-experimental --pedantic --show-overrides --color auto
P: puzzl source: no-dep5-copyright
W: puzzl source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.9.5 (current is 3.9.6)
I: puzzl source: debian-watch-file-is-missing
P: puzzl: no-upstream-changelog
I: puzzl: capitalization-error-in-description Gnome GNOME

$ cme check dpkg
Warning in 'control source Build-Depends:0' value 'cmake (>= 2.8)': unnecessary versioned dependency: cmake >= 2.8. Debian has squeeze -> 2.8.2+dfsg.1-0+squeeze1; squeeze-backports -> 2.8.7-4~bpo60+1; squeeze-backports -> 2.8.9-1~bpo60+2; wheezy -> 2.8.9-1; wheezy-backports ->; jessie-kfreebsd -> 3.0.2-1; jessie -> 3.0.2-1; sid -> 3.0.2-1;
Warning in 'control source Build-Depends:5' value 'libsoup2.4-dev (>= 2.25.2)': unnecessary versioned dependency: libsoup2.4-dev >= 2.25.2. Debian has squeeze-security -> 2.30.2-1+squeeze1; squeeze -> 2.30.2-1+squeeze1; wheezy -> 2.38.1-3; jessie-kfreebsd -> 2.48.0-1; jessie -> 2.48.0-1; sid -> 2.48.0-1; experimental -> 2.49.1-1; experimental -> 2.50.0-1;
Warning in 'control source Standards-Version' value '3.9.5': Current standards version is 3.9.6
File debian/copyright line 1 has a syntax error:
	DpkgSyntax error: Invalid line (missing ':' ?) : Puzzl

$ codespell --quiet-level=3
./cmake/vala/ValaPrecompile.cmake:42: conjuction  ==> conjunction
./cmake/vala/ValaPrecompile.cmake:43: neccessary  ==> necessary

$ fdupes -q -r .



$ find -empty

$ find -type f \( -iname '*.po' -o -iname '*.pot' -o -iname '*.mo' -o -iname '*.gmo' \) -exec i18nspector {} +
W: ./po/puzzl.pot: boilerplate-in-project-id-version 'PACKAGE VERSION'
W: ./po/puzzl.pot: no-report-msgid-bugs-to-header-field
W: ./po/bg_BG.po: language-disparity bg_BG (pathname) != bg (Language header field)
W: ./po/bg_BG.po: no-report-msgid-bugs-to-header-field

$ find -type f \( -iname '*.po' -o -iname '*.pot' \) -exec msgfmt --check --check-compatibility --check-accelerators --output-file=/dev/null {} \;
msgfmt: ./po/puzzl.pot: warning: source file contains fuzzy translation
./po/puzzl.pot:21: empty 'msgstr' entry ignored
<lots more messages>
msgfmt: ./po/puzzl.pot: warning: PO file header fuzzy
                        warning: older versions of msgfmt will give an error on this
msgfmt: found 46 fatal errors

$ suspicious-source



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