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RFS: vcmi/0.97+dfsg-1


I just packed a new upstream release and am still looking for a sponsor :)

Vcmi is a GPL2+ reimplementation of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game
engine. It works with the (proprietary) assets from the original game CDs as
well as with the GOG.com version.

This is the third vcmi release I am packaging and uploading to mentors since I
started packaging it eight months ago:


The great thing about this release is, that upstream added support for
fuzzylite 5.0 after fuzzylite upstream in turn wrote a patch for vcmi. This
means that the embedded copy of fuzzylite is removed from this Debian package
of vcmi which also solves the licensing issue.

On the other hand, this means that before vcmi can go into Debian, I also need
a sponsor of fuzzylite ITP #761075 and RFS #766833

In addition to solving the fuzzylite problem, this release also brings:

 - removal of the embedded copy of minizip
 - improved man pages
 - HTML documentation

Lots of praise goes to jwilk for helping me fix some annoying boost/locale
errors :)


cheers, josch

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