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Re: Bug#742077: RFS: vcmi/0.95-1 [ITP]


Quoting Dariusz Dwornikowski (2014-08-23 11:04:09)
> Thanks for your work, but I think that your package should go to contrib,
> because in order to work it needs HoMM game, so it depends on something non
> free [1]. 
> Installation instruction from upstream's web page clearly state that
> you need to install Heroes data files [2]
> I also found info on this game on Debian Games suggested games
> website [3] stating the above. 
> I am CCing the Debian Games list too.

you are right, vcmi is a classical case for a game in contrib as its assets
(graphics, music, sounds, text) are non-free. That debian/control said it was
for "main" is an artifact from when I started packaging it. I developed a tool
with which I made it possible to play the game with colorful rectangle graphics
instead of the original sprites. Here is the email thread about this:


While this makes the game playable, upstream disliked that their engine could
be abused in such a way so I stopped doing this. Thus I changed the Section to
contrib/games now. Thanks for noticing this!

cheers, josch

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