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Re: Bug#740565: redeclipse-data: should be in main

On 27.07.2014 10:23, Martin Erik Werner wrote:
> As far as I see it, it is still uncertain whether redeclipse-data
> belonging in main is a correct assumption, a re-review of the content
> would be needed, from the previous discussion I think it is indeed
> *probable* that it would be found fit for main.

I have reviewed redeclipse and redeclipse-data file-by-file. The patches
are now attached to this bug report. The licenses are DFSG-free and
there is not a single file that wouldn't abide by the rules. The only
thing I noticed was a missing license paragraph about a few public
domain images which I have added to debian/copyright. The paragraph
about the Play* fonts could be removed because it appears you moved the
font to a separate package, fonts-play. Otherwise the copyright file was

> I don't think this is an RC bug, since keeping it in nonfree is actually
> the "safer" option (albeit a bad one should it be deemed unnecessary).

No, this is, was and always will be RC. Fixing this issue during a
regular upload was preferable but it seems there won't be another
release in time before the freeze thus it was necessary to finally take

Imagine the gnome-shell maintainers decided to put their package into
non-free because they felt it is "safer". It would make all dependencies
suddenly uninstallable. You simply can't make arbitrary decisions about
the archive sections. Just because Red Eclipse is "just" a game makes
the issue not smaller or less important.

There is no documented Policy about the term "safer" but the Policy is
very precise about Debian's archive areas. [1] If your package is
compliant with the DFSG it must be in main because this area "comprises
the Debian distribution". Otherwise other software, like my "games-fps"
metapackage from the Debian Games Pure Blend, is not allowed to depend
or recommend Red Eclipse. Since Red Eclipse is DFSG-free it is a Policy
violation. Thus the severity must be "serious".



[1] https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html

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