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Request to join the team


I'm a researcher at the University of Aberdeen and a founding director of
57North Hacklab, the hackerspace for Aberdeen, Scotland.

I started my Debian development journey at the 2014 Debian Med Sprint in
Aberdeen and since then have successfully had 3 packages enter testing.


I'd like to adopt gnurobots and get a few things in the package updated and
it makes sense to do this within the Debian Games team. Once the package is
ready for upload, I will require a sponsor.


I have submitted a request to join the team via alioth and look forward to
getting to updating the gnurobots package.


e: irl@fsfe.org            w: iain.learmonth.me
x: irl@jabber.fsfe.org     t: +447875886930
c: MM6MVQ                  g: IO87we
p: 1F72 607C 5FF2 CCD5 3F01 600D 56FF 9EA4 E984 6C49

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