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Re: Bug#718323: another hyperrogue suggestion from debian reviewers


I am joining late, but I just found this bug, while considering 
packaging hyper rogue myself :)

-=| chrysn, 06.08.2013 21:27:17 +0200 |=-
> i therefore still think that the package is suitable for debian from 
> my point of view.

I am impressed by the state of the packaging, very good work, thanks 
to everyone involved!

I've found only a couple of small glitches:

 * there is a new upstream release, featuring freely-licensed music. 
   How about upgrading the package?
 * the debian/watch file is fooled by the different variants published 

   -- Found the following matching hrefs:
        hyperrogue-40t.zip (4.0t)
        hyperrogue-40t.zip (4.0t)
        hyperrogue-40-nomusic.zip (4.0-nomusic)
        hyperrogue-40-macos-i386.zip (4.0-macos-i386)
        hyperrogue-40t-macos-i386-music.zip (4.0t-macos-i386-music)
   Newest version on remote site is 4.0-nomusic, local version is 3.8+dfsg
    (mangled local version number 3.8)

 * the repackaging is documented, but not automated.

I intent to work on all the points and eventually upload the package, 
if that's alright with you. (I am already member of pkg-games, cc-ed).


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