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Re: Xonotic: gmqcc package review

On Monday 30 September 2013 21:25:58 Anton Balashov wrote:
> Hi David.
> I made a patch [1] for manpages for our (old) version. Probably will
> be good I you will be able to try compile xonotic by gmqcc 0.3. If
> it works, I'm making many things for nothing :)

I will try, but probably not before the weekend.  If you would like to 
know sooner, it is not actually difficult to compile the xonotic 
* clone the upstream git git.xonotic.org/xonotic/xonotic-
* checkout the 0.7.0 tag
* run some sort of gmqcc "something" command (I guess the gmqcc 
manpage will help here) in the top directory.  For reference you may 
want to look at how fteqcc is called in the darkplaces-data package 
(though the arguments may be completely different for gmqcc, I have 
not checked).
Sorry - I really don't have time this week.
> Let me a little disagree with you about tex file. This is a doc file
> for compiler and should be installed exactly in
> /usr/share/docs/gmqcc/,

Don't get me wrong, this is exactly where I think it should be.  My 
opinion is that document is not documentation for the compiler - it 
even describes itself as the specification for "The GMQCC QuakeC 
Programming Language".  I would say that the manpage is the 
docmentation for the compiler.

> because it's that place where an end user
> will looking for compiler docs. So, I deem it should be in the main
> package. But I have a question: In what format should I compile the
> tex file? In pdf? In pdf.gz? :)

I think pdf.gz, but I have never included pdf documentation in a 
package before.

> In this case I will have to add to Build-Depends
> "texlive-latex-extra" package, that will request more than 450 MB
> (!) of dependencies for build. Not bad :)

See John's email.  This is only a build depend though, so I think it's 
OK.  FYI, if the documentation were in a arch indep package, then the 
latex package would only be a Build-Depends-Indep and so would not be 
installed for all but one arch.

If you really want to make sure that everyone who installs the 
compiler has the pdf and the syntax files installed, but took the arch 
indep route, you could make the gmqcc package depend on the "gmqcc-
arch-indep" package.
> About syntax dir and the additional pkg I'll think tomorrow...
> P.S.
> The package is lintian clean for me :)

Great.  One step closer :)


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