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Re: Steam for Debian Wheezy


> Fair enough, but isn't that solved?

On a second glance, steam really depends on libc6 >=2.12, which is in
wheezy. Then there might be another library that won't be backported, or
simply noone cares about backporting non-free packages.

Anotehr question, if you want a backport and are positive it is
possible, why don't you do it?

I for one won't care about propagating non-free software even more, it
was a mistake to even try out the package when it first entered
experimental because it is a support nightmare. Hell, it installs binary
blobs somewhere from the internet into users' $HOMEs, and we *advertise*
that stuff!

*calming down*…

Go ahead and backport it if that makes you happy ☺.


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