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Re: Comments regarding pink-pony_1.3.1-2_i386.changes

> Is there any situation in which either Breaks or Replaces
> could/should be used alone? or shall they always be used together?

Breaks can be used alone in the following situation:

Suppose you have two source packages, A and A-plugins.
A loads at runtime .so files from A-plugins. So, A-plugins depends on
A, and A recommends (or suggests) A-plugins.

When a new version (say 2) is released with an incompatible ABI, you
can release A with a "Breaks: A-plugins (<< 2)" clause so that A won't
be upgraded without a compatible A-plugins package. Then you upload
upload A-plugins just after with a "Depends: (A >= 2)" clause.

(I imagine that it's also possible to upload A-plugins first with an
unsatisfiable Depends clause, but I'm not sure it's better.)

Etienne Millon

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