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On 18.08.2013 16:47, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Dawn: New package. Created dawn-rpg package in git.  Needs review and finishing up debian/*.

I have uploaded a new revision of dawn-rpg.


The game appears to work, although it's pretty alpha. Outstanding issues

- license audit, writing debian/copyright
- man page
- installing settings.lua either to $HOME/.dawn-rpg or

What's new:

- I've removed the embedded GLee library
- added desktop icons / desktop file
- added a watch file
- removed verdana.ttf and symlinked to DejaVuSans.ttf
- added missing build-deps, substvars (freeglut3-dev, imagemagick,
  glee-dev, dh-autoreconf, etc.)
- new homepage and vcs fields
- new get-orig-source target (xz compression for source tarball)
- added a wrapper script, installed the binary to /usr/lib/dawn-rpg


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