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Re: ufo-ai: can we make it?

On 22.08.2013 17:13, Anton Balashov wrote:
> Hi, Markus
> It awesome to make ufo-ai for Debian! :)
> I want to test it, but, sorry, can't understand yet where can I get
> ../ufoai_2.5~git20130818.orig.tar.{bz2,gz,lzma,xz} ? :)

You can run

gbp-clone git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-games/ufoai.git

to obtain the main source package with master/upstream/pristine-tar
branch and build the game with e.g. git-buildpackage.

For getting the other three data tarballs, you have to run

debian/rules get-orig-source
debian/rules get-orig-ufoai-data
debian/rules get-orig-ufoai-music
debian/rules get-orig-ufoai-maps

debian/rules get-orig-ufoai (optional), if you dislike the gbp layout.

Please be prepared that you will clone the entire upstream git
repository (4 GB) and create three source tarballs which are in total
~850 MB large.

You will also need to install ufomodel and ufo2map (ufoai-tools) to
compile the models and maps after you have compiled all binaries in
ufoai git.

Compiling the maps can take ages depending on your system and the amount
of parallel job executions. If you can produce identical maps that match
those md5sums, you will be promoted. :)


You can also save some time with

cd base
zip -r 0maps.pk3 . -i maps/\*.bsp maps/\.ump

to get the precompiled maps.

Hope this helps



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