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Re: Action: New Member Recruitment

Hi Steven,

On 22.08.2013 12:41, Steven Hamilton wrote:
> Hi folks,
> An action on me from last weeks games meeting was to gather a list of
> sites to approach for promotion for new member recruitment. I've gather
> the below list of sites, in order of activity.

Thanks for working on this.


> The next task is to write a promotion news item to send. Anyone fancy a
> go at that? If not, I'm happy to have a go.

I'm all for letting a native speaker create the initial draft. :) But
you could present your work on a wiki page so that we can easily make
translations of it later and promote the news even on non-english sites.

I think we could drop a note on every games forum too. So I even intend
to post it at freeorion.org or ufoai.org for example.


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