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Re: welcome to pkg-games Bret Curtis, Georgy Vlasov

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 9:43 AM, Георгий Власов wrote:

> I am a novice developer from Russia

Thanks for the intro :)

BTW, you may want to change your alioth details to use your name as
you have written it above, in Debian we support Unicode :)

> I like roguelike games and I intend to package some of them for Debian
> it is quite a shame that many of those are not available in repositories : )

I've spent many hours playing nethack, slashem, egoboo (recently
removed from Debian) and others so thanks!

Which roguelikes are we missing in Debian that you would like to add?

> I have no plans on visiting DebConf13.

There is always next year :) (Portland, USA)

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problems with it.




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