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Merging pathological-music with pathological again


i am working on the pathological package at the moment and i want to
finish the work of Evgeniy Dolgikh that he has started last year.

I was wondering about how the game data of pathological is split
currently. The music is shipped in both source packages, pathological
and pathological-music and it seems the reason was bug #203479 [1]. The
original intention was to save bandwidth when upgrading to new releases
of pathological.

From my point of view this decision made sense in the past but nowadays
the limiting factor seems to be manpower and not bandwith or disk space.
We are talking about two music files which are, with xz compression, 6
MB large in total.

I'd like to suggest to revert the decision and to install the music
files from the pathological package again. There hasn't been a new
upstream release for ten years now and the package rarely needs an
update. So i think it is reasonable to remove pathological-music
completely thus nobody has to bother with maintaining a second source

I have made the following changes to debian/control in pathological to
ensure a smooth upgrade.

Provides: pathological-music
Conflicts: pathological-music
Replaces: pathological-music

What do you think about this proposal?



[1] http://bugs.debian.org/203479

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