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Re: Bug#696385: RFS: astromenace/1.3.1+ds-1 [ITP] -- hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities

Hi Paul,

I saw a lot of your messages related to fonts in Debian, also there was one
or few posts in your blog (I do not remember precisely). So it looks that
your well versed in this matter.

Could you comment our discussion about astromenace-data package? Quotation:

> There is a more serious problem. You copy font files which end-up
> (AFAIU) in gamedata.vfs. You therefore need to abide by the
> redistribution terms of the license of those fonts. The Debian way of
> insuring that in a generic manner (for DFSG-free material) would be to
> list the font packages in Built-Using. This ensures that the user can
> get the source for whatever ended-up in the binary package.
> The problem here is that astromenace-data is not in main but in
> non-free. I'm not sure that the Built-Using mechanism is sufficient to
> ensure that the source package for the fonts remain in the archive. Can
> you check that on -devel or -legal?

Have you any thoughts on this issue? Is it good idea to ask <pkg-fonts-devel>
mailing list to clarify this theme?

Full log of discussion: http://bugs.debian.org/696385#71

Package can be found here:

Best regards,

PS: opinions from team members are also welcome.

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