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Re: Bug#696899: can anybody sponsor an ITP for premake4 ?

A quick look - sorry for the terse feedback. I don't know much about cdbs which
limits my ability to review it very well.

  • the changelog targets unstable, but should target experimental if you
    want an upload prior to wheezy's release
  • Personally in the prior-to-first-upload stage I think it's better to
    not have multiple versions for each package revision, i.e., continually
    create 4.3-1 versions with a single changelog entry, and to use the
    versions only to distinguish instances of the package uploaded to the
    main archive.
  • is the double colon in the rules file some kind of cdbs thing?
  • the source package contains debian/stamp-makefile-check
  • rename-changelog.diff: this is the wrong approach to rename a file.
    Move it in the debian/rules file instead (after dh_installdocs would
    be run. I don't know much about cdbs so not sure which rule to override)

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