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Re: (Re)Introduction

>> I'm going to start out by working with Stephen Webb on the WorldForge [1] packages, a project I've been a big fan of for many years. Depending on how other things in my life work out, I'd like to eventually help with other things as well. 
> Welcome again. WorldForge is an interesting MMO project. Would be nice to
> see everything packaged for Debian. Perhaps it's worth creating a wiki
> page with information about the current status of the project and to
> describe what has to be done to complete certain goals for Debian.

Thanks, Markus! :)

Ah, good idea. Just created that wiki page. It's not much but at least
it's a starting point. Thanks for the suggestion!

>> I'm set up on mentors and alioth and I'm fairly familiar with the material on our wiki and the Debian New Maintainers' Guide. If anyone has any additional advice or recommended reading I'd be happy to hear about it!
> If you have digested all material on the wiki, you are well prepared. ;)

I don't know about digested... still chewing on is probably more
accurate. ;)


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