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Re: Please consider maintaining Blends information (Was: Bullet Physics Library)

Hi Andreas,

On 19.03.2013 09:10, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> please excuse my shameless plug to steal your thread for a completely
> different but IMHO urgent topic which is also relevant for Debian
> Multimedia as well as Games.

Sure, no problem. It's nice to see some action on the list. :)

> On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 12:11:32AM +0100, Markus Koschany wrote:
>> during the last months i have adopted a few games for the Games Team and
> Cool.  Did you ever checked whether these games are properly mentioned,
> classified and thus advertised to the public at the web sentinel of
> Debian Games[1]? 

I know of Debian Blends, debtags and the attempt to create a Debian
Games Live CD but i haven't added new information to the page yet but
it's something which i find interesting to work on. More about possible
reasons why it is neglected soon.

Indeed two of my big goals are:

1. Creating a Live CD for games similar to the one from
   linux-gamers.net but using Debian instead of Arch Linux [1].
   (A Blend)

2. A Debian Games Portal which pools all information about Debian
   games, screenshots, game descriptions (from the wiki) and debtag
   information. Combine that with the looks of a professional gaming
   clan homepage, add a forum, mumble and social networking and you get
   the big picture. Well, there is some work to do before... :-)

> The last changes on the games tasks files were done by
> me (even if I'm not involved in Debian Games and thus perfectly
> incompetent in categorising games) at 2011-11-27[2].  It would be really
> great if somebody in the Debian Games team would consider having a look
> at this effort which is really brain dead simple (just add a line
>     Depends: <binary_package>
> to a file and be done - longer doc is available as well[3])

I must admit i have to read the docs first but here are my thoughts:

The Games Team is maintaining 331 source packages at the moment. I would
prefer that contributors only need to enter information once but can use
them multiple times. Would it be possible to create such pages out of
debtag information and simply parse the information? If we want to
create a metapackage which consists only of arcade games or if we want
to update a task, couldn't we just make use of the information presented
by debtags?

In my experience most Debian users don't even know about debtags and i
struggle myself to find the right access to the topic. Most of the time
as a user you don't need them, they are somehow opaque.


> IMHO it is your choice to tell the world:
>   Hey, there are people inside Debian who care about Games / Multimedia
>   and we have all this cool stuff for you.  Debian wants to be one of
>   the big distributions in this field.

I completely agree here. Promotion and new member recruitment are
missing out somehow. I think your "Mentoring of the Month" project is
admirable and all teams should do it. Even better Debian should start
streamlining this process, should encourage team maintained packages and
simplify the packaging workflow by using only one Vcs (Git) and shaping
the tools for it. At the moment it appears to me every team reinvents
the wheel over and over again, duplicate documentation (or none at all)
and different package requirements contribute to the confusion.

The fact is, although the Games Team attracts in theory more users than
Debian Med, i think your basic team work is better. It's kind of sad to
see that Juhani's Neverball package with bugfixes got removed from
mentors today because he couldn't find a sponsor in the past six months.
As long as such simple things don't work, it will be hard to find people
who want to work on the bigger picture.



[1] http://live.linux-gamers.net/?s=games

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