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Re: Adopting Powder - Next steps

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 6:20 PM, Steven Hamilton wrote:

> I've repackaged Powder and changed myself to the maintainer. I've
> uploaded it to mentors targeting unstable (previous queries suggested
> this was ok since it was a leaf package). I'm unsure of the next steps.
> I presume I need to find a sponsor for it (I'll ask the previous
> maintainer) but how does it fit in with the games team?

The games team was the "Maintainer", in practice it looks like only
Gürkan Sengün maintained it, but he is not a Debian member.

For sponsorship you can either look outside the team or for team
sponsorship, look here:


> How do I find out if the package comes under the games-team?

Check the PTS and the orphaning bug:


> Are all games-team packages kept on the team's VCS?

The ones that are in a VCS should be in the team VCS, if not that
should be fixed.

IIRC Gürkan Sengün did not like version control systems, so you will
probably need to import it to SVN/git, whichever you prefer.



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