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Re: Packaging Love2d Games

On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 5:43 PM, someone wrote:

> 1) plain .love file (as above)
> 2) .love file packaged with the love binary

Probably not workable.

> 3) Doing "cat <lovebinary> <game.love> > game" to create a single
> executable/zip file.

Bad idea, requires a rebuild of the games every time love gets updated.

> I'll break down options 1 and 3 and leave out option 2 using mari0 as an
> example.
> 1) plain .love file
> To package this would need the following;
> * love set as dependancy
> * install mari0.love into /usr/share/games/mari0
> * install a mario.sh into /usr/games that runs;

mari0 not mario.sh please.

> "/usr/bin/love /usr/share/games/mari0/mari0.love"
> * install a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications

Install an icon in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/mari0.png.

> * The mechanisms of launching the game is kept to debian.

Sounds like a negative?

> Negs;
> * As love version changes some games may become buggy if upstream don't upgrade
> inline with love.

love should probably provide an API version and games should depend on
that instead of love, so we can detect when they will need updates.
How stable or well managed/versioned is the love API?

> 3) Making a combined executable

Definitely don't do this.

> Note: Love game developers don't have an upstream build system. Game source IS
> the game itself. We can't push configuration items like .desktop files or love
> binary distribution upstream.

I disagree, you can push those files into the mari0-source.zip.

> Option to me looks like a no brainer. Thoughts?

If you are thinking of option 1 then yes.

According to the readme.txt in the mari0 source zip file, the game is
non-free so please ensure you don't upload it to Debian main.
Alternatively, please ask upstream to relicense the game to something
free (CC-BY/CC-BY-SA 3.0 would work). At least one of the files in the
mari0_1.6.love zip file is MIT licensed though.

Please ensure that Debian and our users can patch the .lua and other
files inside the .love zip files. I would suggest that the .love zip
files be created at build time instead of just using the upstream
ones. You will need to unpack them to create the orig.tar.gz for

In the mari0_1.6.love zip file, there is a path /graphics/Minecraft/,
I hope those were not taken from the non-free game called Minecraft?

I wonder how the audio files in the mari0_1.6.love zip file were created.



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