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Vote on NMU/commiting guidelines - Results

Hi Games Team,

The voting is over and I'm very happy about the participation. I guess that shows that proposing a vote is an effective way to get to a decision around here, even if it feels strange and overly bureaucratic. You should try it too sometime. ;) There was some discussion that would have ideally have happened before the voting, but yeah, you can't turn back time.

There were 11 votes:

B A C Tobias Hansen
B C A Emmanuel Kasper
B A C Martin Erik Werner
B A C Gustavo Panizzo
B C A Etienne Millon
A B C Bas Wijnen
A C B Jon Dowland
B A C Bertrand Marc
B A C Mark Page
B A C Stephen Kitt
B A C Andreas Rönnquist

B defeats C 10:1 and B defeats A 9:2. B wins.

So I will remove the draft markings from the Games/VCS/Guidelines wiki page, rename it to Games/Guidelines (because it's not only about the VCS) and link to that page somewhere.

Thanks everyone. Have a nice day.

Tobias Hansen

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