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Re: Should we have some NMU/commiting guidelines? - Let's vote!

Am 2012-08-20 17:17, schrieb Tobias Hansen:
On 08/15/12 18:15, Tobias Hansen wrote:
Anyway, I find these guidelines important and would like to see some
progress. I'm proposing the following vote.

AB  * Info in debian/README.source overrides guidelines
AB  * Ask but don't wait for 'OK' before commiting
AB  * Act on maintainer objections
A   * Ask but don't wait for 'OK' before uploading, ask and wait 5
days for 'OK' before adding yourself to 'Uploaders'
B   * Ask and wait 5 days for 'OK' before uploading and adding
yourself to 'Uploaders'
C   * Further discussion

I will wait one week for additional options for the vote and then
let's use another week for voting.

http://wiki.debian.org/Games/VCS/Guidelines currently contains B.

If someone wants more options to vote on, now is the time to speak up.
Voting starts on Wednesday, with Debians standard Condorcet method. I
will consider the vote valid if at least 5 people participate. It would
be nice to get some form of confirmation before the vote. Feels a bit
like I'm talking to a wall.

Best regards,
Tobias Hansen

I find your initiative nice, and will vote B for myself (if debian maintainers can vote)

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