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Re: Bug#646377: RFP: xonotic -- a fast-paced first-person shooter

Who likes online-only multiplayer first-person shooters? Does anyone want to
maintain Xonotic?

The necessary steps go something like this:

* update fteqcc (#668350) - initially in experimental would be best

* package the data, similar to nexuiz-data (probably one source package
  per PK3 file produced, like openarena-data, so it fits on CDs/DVDs better)

* package d0_blind_id (#668347) and link darkplaces against it

* optionally, patch either d0_blind_id or darkplaces to use one of the
  many AES implementations already in the archive (maybe Nettle?) instead
  of d0_blind_id providing yet another AES implementation

* update darkplaces to a suitable version (we currently have the version
  that Xonotic upstream recommended for Xonotic 0.5)

Merlijn Hofstra and Rudolf Polzer from Xonotic upstream have been in contact
with me about it, and would probably help out a prospective maintainer.

I can help from the darkplaces and library-packaging angle, free time
permitting, but since I don't actually play Xonotic, I am not willing to
be its maintainer.

On Tue, 29 Nov 2011 at 19:43:20 +0000, Simon McVittie wrote:
> Beware that for GPL and Policy compliance, a prospective maintainer might
> need to rebuild the game logic from source, which may require packaging a
> QuakeC compiler. I believe there's at least one Free QuakeC compiler.

fteqcc is in fact in the archive, but needs updating (#668350). That will
break nexuiz-data, which will need patching (#668349), unless Nexuiz
is removed altogether.


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