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Re: Recommencement of Allegro packaging (in the Debian Games Team)

Hi all,
Please CC me if somebody replies. Tobias, read your reply at the list.
Where is this liballegro4.4 package ? Its not in the experimental or

$ aptitude search allegro
p   allegro-demo                                        - cool game,
demonstrating power of the Allegro library
p   allegro-demo-data                                   - graphics and
audio data for allegro-demo
p   allegro-examples                                    - example
programs and demo tools for the Allegro library
v   liballegro-dev                                      -
v   liballegro-dev-common                               -
p   liballegro-doc                                      -
documentation for the Allegro library
v   liballegro3.9.37-dev                                -
i A liballegro4.2                                       - portable
library for cross-platform game and multimedia devel
i   liballegro4.2-dev                                   - development
files for the Allegro library
p   liballegro4.2-plugin-arts                           - aRts audio
plugin for the Allegro library
p   liballegro4.2-plugin-esd                            - esd audio
plugin for the Allegro library
i A liballegro4.2-plugin-jack                           - JACK audio
plugin for the Allegro library
p   libguichan-allegro-0.8.1-1                          - small,
efficient C++ GUI library (allegro integration)

Maybe somebody needs to put that package first in experimental or
something. Just to show experimental is there :-

$ apt-show-versions -a iceweasel
iceweasel 10.0.3esr-3 install ok installed
iceweasel 3.5.16-11   stable       ftp.debian.org
iceweasel 10.0.3esr-2 testing      ftp.debian.org
iceweasel 10.0.3esr-3 unstable     ftp.debian.org
iceweasel 11.0-4      experimental ftp.debian.org
iceweasel/unstable uptodate 10.0.3esr-3
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