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Re: ITP: snes9x-gtk

(Keeping list in CC)

* Félix Arreola Rodríguez <fgatuno.123@gmail.com> [111127 21:10]:
> The last reply to the RFS was on 30 Sep 2011, why nobody want to
> sponsor the package? Sorry for my manners, I but really want to see
> this package in the next Debian release. It's not in unstable even
> :-(
> Well, I supose we can work together in the package. I'm sending a mail
> to Michael Moorman right now asking for co-maintaining the package.

I agree that snes9x would be welcome in the archive (cf. RFS thread).
The best thing to do, IMHO, is indeed to contact Michael and try to
fix the package's warnings with him (see rest of RFS thread, it
carried on in October). Once it's done, you can prepare a new RFS and
try to reach former maintainers / sponsors of snes9x.

Etienne Millon

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