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Re: Bug#648317: RM: warsow -- RoQA: FTBFS on release architectures, unmaintained

Le vendredi, 25 novembre 2011 14.11:13, Vincent Cheng a écrit :
> If absolutely nobody else within the Debian games team wants to take
> over maintenance of warsow, I'd be willing to do so myself, although I
> won't have enough spare time until mid-December. Eh, on second
> thought, I might not have enough time then either, so please feel free
> to remove warsow from sid; I'll find time to upload a new package
> eventually, some time before the freeze date next June. If somebody
> steps in before then, that'd be great. :)

Not that I care much, but: is it really worth keeping warsow (in contrib, with 
non-free data) when we have openarena, nexuiz/xonotic and others in main ?


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