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Re: New release of Trigger Rally


On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 02:08:39PM +1300, Ishmael Turner wrote:
> If you or the games team find you don't have enough time is there anything
> I could do to help?

Sure. First off, there are actually two things that could be done upstream wise:
trigger ships copies of both libglew and tinyxml. From a distribution point of
view, we should use the shared libraries from the distribution instead.  

Of course you may not want to do this from an upstream POV. What I added some
time ago to the Debian package is a patch (debian/patches/10_system_glew.patch)
which is halfway there to add a configure switch with which building against the
shared library of libglew can be selected. Maybe you'd like to pick that up and
refine it so that trigger defaults to the shipped library unless overridden to
build against the shared library? Btw. my bad for never finishing it and
committing upstream :(.

Such a switch for tinyxml would also be very helpful. Granted, last time I
touched the trigger packaging, libtinyxml in Debian was still a bit in a flux
and hat its problems, so building against it was not the best idea. Hope that
this has changed nowadays.

> I managed to hack the existing packages to build 0.6.0 but greatly
> multiplied the Lintian warnings in the process. It seems that packaging has
> a bit of a learning curve!

Oh, anything you've got would be a good starting point. Btw, the packaging 
is stored in svn at 
(web interface:


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