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retiring from the games team

Hi folks,

I think it's time I moved on from the games team.

Spare time is very tight, and I'm not dedicating much at all to Debian as it
is:  within Debian, I'd quite like to focus on some other areas, and so I have
to make some sacrifices.

It's been a great five (I think?) years: packaging games, specifically the doom
stuff, was my route into Debian and it's been a wonderful learning experience.

I will shortly remove myself from uploaders in git.  I won't push out new
package versions immediately, as I don't like forcing updates for users when
there's nothing user-visible to update to; also, it would be good if anyone
keen to take over added themselves before upload…

I'm considering finishing up some things I started; namely, helping mentor
zdoom and vavoom and possibly doomsday, but I'll be leaving it at that.


Jon Dowland

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