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Re: Analysis of "Nikki and the Robots" dependencies

2011/10/13 Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org>:
> Hi Games Team,


> I’d prefer it if the Debian Games Team would share maintainer
> responsibility here when it comes to tasks that are game-related and not
> Haskell related. I.e. we (the Haskell Group) make sure the program
> builds and runs, you ward off unreasonable user requests and worry about
> things like a playdeb entry. Are you interested in that?

Hi Joachim,

Thanks a lot for the great work. I've been interested in that game
since I fist saw it on Linux Game Tome, so I'm glad to volunteer
myself. I've already tried to packaged it twice, but my knowledgr of
Haskell is somehow limited and couldn't make it. We're interested in
that, at least I am.

Greetings and thanks,

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