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Re: RFS: snes9x


> > > I am looking for a sponsor for my package "snes9x".
> > 
> > what does snes9x have, that is not provided by zsnes?
> ZSNES is fine, fast and highly stable. I happily used it for years. It'd
> be perfectly acceptable, except for the fact that it uses i386 assembly
> and therefore isn't portable. 

that is a good reason.
I CC your mail to the debian-games team, which also sponsors zsnes.
I am sure you can find a sponsor there. You also might want to join the team.

> As far as I can tell (I'm sure you can tell me more!), ZSNES hasn't had
> an update since 2007. 

I think that's right, however zsnes is still in development.

> Although I am a native English speaker, so I have no experience, ZSNES
> has no translations that I can see, whereas the GTK version of snes9x
> has five translations.
> I feel that the GTK interface is nicer than the DOS-esque one of ZSNES,
> but I'll admit that's a personal preference.
> I hope this explains my reasons for trying to re-package it.

Best regards,

eshat cakar
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