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Re: RFS: manaplus

Here is a review:

mana-4144 was never in Debian, is it really necessary to have it in Replaces?

tmwcetki-archive-keyring is not available in Debian so it should not
be in Depends.

I like to wrap Build-Depends one per line for diff readability. You
may want to do that too.

No need to mention the homepage in the package descriptions.

uscan warning: Filename pattern missing version delimiters ()

Your watch file isn't very useful since it doesn't find tarballs with
version numbers in their names. Try this instead:


You might want to look at using DEP-3 headers in the patch.


Please send upstream your patch.

What is your reason for using the single-debian-patch dpkg-source option?

Your package FTBFS in a clean chroot because you are missing
Build-Depends on autopoint.

/usr/games and /usr/share/games are due to be deprecated by the FHS
maintainers, I think new packages should not use these dirs.

Please send upstream a patch for installing the manual page when you
run `make install`.

Looks like there are a few embedded code copies that should be removed
from the upstream source (dejavu, liberation, mplus, enet, guichan,
SDL_gfx etc), please talk to them about that. For platforms without
good repository and dependency systems they can ship a separate
tarball containing the code for all the dependencies.

You may want to look at the DEP-5 copyright format recommendations:


You may want to switch to debhelper 7's dh. Check out the dh manual
page for more info and rationale.

You might want to talk to upstream about using fontconfig instead of
hard-coding font paths, since DejaVu and Liberation may change
filenames or paths.

There are two lintian warnings:

W: manaplus source: debian-rules-missing-recommended-target build-arch
W: manaplus source: debian-rules-missing-recommended-target build-indep

Some of the theme images claim to be made in the GIMP or Inkscape and
there is one Ogg file, please ensure that manaplus complies with these




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