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high scores

Had a random idea today, could gnome, kde and other games distribute and share high scores via a safe, limited p2p protocol?

Say you are playing gnome's 5 in a row and get a nice score. The game (and others) keep a high score list all users on the system can see, but wouldn't it be interesting to see high scores for users beyond your system? p2p would be an ideal way to distribute such scores since there would be no need for centralized servers to manage it.

It would be good if the p2p protocol used is very simple to help protect users from potential exploits of it.

If the system was well thought out, it could be very easy for developers to add support for this method of high score storage.

I also think it would be a important to put some thought into keeping out fake high scores and minimize spam.

It should also have some ranking method so players can compare themselves to other players at similar skill levels (or you can choose whatever level you want).

It would need to handle games that have different maps or sub-game types. For example in 5 in a row, you can play different sized boards, in general the larger board you play the larger your score will be. it would be unfair to compare scores of someone playing the small board to someone playing the largest.

Is this a good idea, has it been implemented before?

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