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Updating CEGUI Libraries in Debian to 0.75

Hi all,
        I have been waiting (for quite some time now) to see the
update of CEGUI Libraries in Debian to 0.75 either in unstable or
experimental (now that squeeze has released) but to no avail .

I sent out few mails on this bug

where the maintainer of that package has said that he has talked to
the upstream author and hopefully things will get better in 0.8.0 and
so he doesn't have to do things again.

While I'm no expert I do want these libraries (badly) as they are the
only libraries left to be packaged and updated for two games to
compile and play.

a. sumwars  www.sumwars.org
b. dungeonhack  dungeonhack.sourceforge.net (The actual name of the
game differs now but that's a different matter)

The other thing is 0.8.0 is going to take its own sweet time in
getting there. Its only 30% complete as of now .


While I'm no packager, I thought long and hard before making sure to
ping you guys in somehow helping/pushing a new version of the package
so other things can be figured out.

One of the other libraries which is required in both the games is
ogre. As the new version is there in experimental there is some hope
to install it and see how things work (or not).


I hope to install both the libraries and see if the game can be
compiled to play and atleast help in whatever little way I came (come
across issues or just help with some small documentation or just
mailing stuff ) . While I know that both the libraries are compilable
but as a user that's too much time spending on getting things right
(which may happen or not happen right the first time around) .

So with all of the above in the background, what do the good people on
the list have to say ? Should I just sit tight and hope for the best
in the coming few months or can something be done so we all can enjoy
in the coming months/year's ahead.

Hoping to get some ideas as to where to go next from here.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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