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Re: Debian games team meeting


On 02/11/2011 01:18 PM, Paul Wise wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to propose a 1-2 hr Debian games team meeting during the
month of March. 5/6th is the first squeeze point release so folks
might have things to work on then.

Who is willing to come to a Debian games team meeting and which
dates/times work for you?

I've placed some ideas for agenda items here, anyone have any more or
suggestions for which we should cover?


I would like to propose that we do these meetings every two or every
three months.

Sounds interesting, I assume this will be an irc meeting and not a
physical meeting ?

Would outsiders (I'm one of the  Fedora Games SIG ^W team people), be
welcome too?  I'll likely mostly be lurking, but I'm always looking for
chances to cooperate on games packaging esp. since cleaning up
the license mess which Games often have around artwork is a lot of
work, and Fedora and Debian seem to be the only distros which care about

WRT scheduling 5 march or any date after that is pretty much open to me.
I'm quite flexible as long as it is not while I'm sleeping (my timezone
is UTC + 1 too).



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