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Re: M.A.R.S. game

On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 7:55 AM, anonymous person wrote:

> I already made a .deb for M.A.R.S., I've already tested it and it works
> fine, but I need you guys to review it to make sure it fits Debian
> filesystem conventions. I will send you the .deb. Also I need help in
> another package, SFML2, M.A.R.S. needs this to run, and it comes with it,
> but I would like it if you could tell me how to make SFML2 a PPA or perhaps
> get it into Ubuntu/Debian's repository

I can't find M.A.R.S. on any search engines, could you link to the
homepage? M.A.R.S. seems like a bad name for software since Mars the
planet is much more commonly used.

Please link to your source package (.dsc) for M.A.R.S. so that it can
be reviewed.

AFAICT SFML 2 API is not stabilised nor released yet so it isn't
really appropriate for released games to strictly depend on it and
Debian experimental would be the place to upload it if at all. Would
it be possible to port M.A.R.S. to work with both SFML 1.6 and the
still-changing SFML 2?



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