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ClanLib SDK Release Developer/Maintainer notes

This is a quick notice regarding the recent ClanLib release that was announced via various web sites last week.
There were 2 releases. ClanLib 2.1.2 and ClanLib 2.2.0

ClanLib 2.1.2 is a maintenance release.
The API should be 100% compatible.
However, it is possible that client products will not be binary compatible without recompiling.
See http://clanlib.org/wiki/ClanLib_2.1.2_Release_Notes for further details.
ClanLib 2.2.0 is a new major release.
The API has compatibility issues with the 2.1.x branch.
However it still should be compatible with simple applications.
See http://clanlib.org/wiki/ClanLib_2.2.0_Release_Notes for further details.

The ClanLib developers accept patches for ClanLib 2.1.x branch and the 2.2.x branch

Although patches are accepted for ClanLib 1.0, it is considered obsolete.

If products work with ClanLib 2.1.1 and are statically linked, there is no requirement to upgrade.

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