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Thoughts about removing vegastrike from the archive

  Hi all,

  As pabs kindly pointed me several weeks ago, vegastrike has been
left out for ages; it has several RC bugs, and never made it into
testing for more than a few weeks. There were severe licensing
problems in version 0.4.3 that were diligently fixed upstream with
version 0.5; unfortunately, the latter needs a half-gigabyte game data
package, whose direct upload is not possible. However, it would be
possible to build a "stripped-down" version of vegastrike-data by
downgrading the texture quality and removing/downgrading music.

  If anyone wants to see vegastrike make it into squeeze, please step
forward and do that. I'd be happy to provide more insights on what
needs to be done.

  If no one steps forward, I'm afraid I'll have to RM it, as there is
not need pretending we have a working vegastrike package when that
isn't the case.



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