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Re: RFS: bygfoot (Updated package)

El día 17 de febrero de 2010 19:02, Elías Alejandro <ealmdz@gmail.com> escribió:

>> Also, users expect not to lose previous saved games when upgrading to
>> a newer version of the game, so we should do as much as possiible to
>> avoid that. It is really annoying to be playing a game and lose your
>> saved data after an upgrade. Players would have the whole right to
>> complain about it. I would.
> Miriam, I'm totally agree with you.

Oh, I forgot to say one thing. If possible, the stored game data
should be arch-independent (that means independent of the endianess
and word size of the processor), so that if you take your $HOME from
your PowerPC computer to your AMD64 one, or if your $HOME is shared
among different computers, things still work.


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